Basic Consultative Rating

  • Disability Formulas based on the Evaluating Physician's Reported Impairment assessment.
  • Corrections are made only to mathematical miscalculations of impairment and to incorrect interpolation of Table Impairment figures. 
  • Adjustments under the 2005 PDRS modifiers: DFEC, Occupation and Age. 
  • Formulas abide to 13PDRS / 05PDRS / 97PDRS / 88PDRS rating, modifier & combination guidelines.
  • Limited annotations of compliance included if Impairment is contrary to AMA Guides, 5th Ed.
  • Apportionment under both Labor Code Section 4663 & 4664 will be applied.
  • If Evaluator provides an Almaraz/Guzman Analysis, the rating report will include both the traditional rating as well as the alternative rating under Almaraz/Guzman.
  • One Medical Report $95 - 165+  / Multiple Reports $175 - 275+
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Comprehensive Rating Analysis

  • Annotates findings in support of the correct rating under the Guides or Almaraz/Guzman.
  • Considers duplication within the multiple evaluations for different body organs / systems.
  • Includes Traditional ratings and Alternative ratings under Almaraz/Guzman
    (with and without corrections).
  • Corrects miscalculations of WPI and annotates deficiencies & inconsistencies of the report contrary to the AMA Guides and rating procedures, including missing or incomplete evaluation criteria.
  • Recommends Corrected Disability Ratings & Comparative Impairment-As-Reported formulas.
  • Provides Annotations specifying missing information required from the evaluator in the determination of an accurate Impairment calculation.
  • One Medical Report $145 - 275 / Multiple Reports $295 - 395+   
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New attorney clients and injured workers will receive an electronic invoice which can be paid through PayPal with a credit card or a PayPal Bank Account.